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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Magubem and Kimadi people establish marine protected area to save turtles using customary practise

Nganeg Kak
Greetings from home!
Thought I should just brief you on the happenings at Gidlipasi as of late.
Last Friday saw the renewal of the forest conservation agreement between 8 clans from Yambarik, Imbap, Simbukanam and Tokain 1.
Banak Gamui from PNG Institute of Biological Research (Goroka) was the guest of honour. Present also were a two-men team (media) from BRG. Present also were Gabu and Yorba. Also neighbours from Dimer and Murukanam were present, to witness the event.
The agreement was sealed in custom, and will be signed at a later date...
And yesterday saw the custom sealing of the marine conservation at Magubem and Kimadi. The Malas community came with a grand singsing to lead the welcome ceremony.
Guests included, Liberty from Misima, Banak Gamui from IBR, the team from BRG, Gabu, Markus from Niugini Binatang Research Centre (Nagada), Yat Paol representing MAKATA, and a TCF team including Catherine Sparks, Ken Wilson, and Dan Porras. Murukanam and Musuat (Wanumas at Malas) had a strong presence at the occasion.
Gildipasi people came all the way from Yambarik and Imbap and Kademdugu adn Yadigam to witness yesterday's event.
I was given time to speak on behalf of MAKATA and I started with relaying your sincere apologies as well as commitment to continued partnership of a different nature.
Gidlidpasi in response, acknowledged MAKATA's ground work in getting Gildipasi to this point where two communities sealed their agreement to protect their marine region....
This should be it for now....
Ongone Kak