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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Leatherback Turtle Data Needed

This Leatherback turtle in Mirap, Madang escaped death, thanks to the
beach rangers from Mirap who saved it.  This eminated from TIRN and
MAKATA's STRP's efforts in empowering local communities
to protect and restore their populations. Photo: Wenceslaus Magun

Please help us carry out a turtle survey.

Turtle Survey - September 2016
Start Date:_______________________
End Date:__________________________
Name: _____________________________________
Contact Details: Ph (Digicel/Bmobile):________________Email:______________________
Aim: Get a snapshot of whether there is an increase in the killing of leatherback turtles in order to assess their conditions and take appropriate steps to address them.
1.        Raise awareness about the endangered status of sea turtles;
2.       Document whether leatherback are being killed;
3.       Document other species that are being sold commercially rather then taken for subsistence purposes.
4.       What type of enforcement activity is occurring?
1.       Where is the turtle being sold?
2.       How much is for subsistence versus commercial consumption?
3.       What species?
4.       Who is catching the sea turtles and where?
5.       How important is sea turtles as part of subsistence diet?

Please email the completed form with all the information to Wences Magun on: and to confirm text or call me on Digicel:71959665

Blog: Facebook: Save PNGs Endangered Turtles 

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Fear of darkness

Council Members of ELC Karkar District, 
attending the 6th Karkar District Youth Conference 
at Kuluk Village, Bagabag Island, Madang, PNG.

Rev. Nungot Galat, president 
Karkar District

ELC-PNG’s Karkar District Youth Conference Request for documents relating to Solwara 1 Project

More than 1000 members of 6 parishes within the ELC-PNG’s Karkar District, representing more than 50,000 members including other churches attending this conference have called upon the State and Nautilus to release documents relating to Solwara 1 Project.

The youths representing Kulubob circuit, Tagub circuit, Bumsol circuit, Bagiai circuit, Samoan circuit, and Bagbag circuit made this call at the ELC-PNG’s 6th Karkar District Youth Conference at Kuluk village, Bagbag Island, Madang, Papua New Guinea from Friday 24th to Sunday 29th of July, 2016.

Bagabag Circuit youths welcoming
 the delegation to Kuluk Village.

The youths write seeking access to documents regarding the Solwara 1 Deep Seabed Mining Project (Project) from Mining Minister, Minister for Conservation Environment and Protection Authority and Nautilus. 

Section 51 of the Constitution provides that every citizen has the right of reasonable access to official documents. This right of access to information is subject only to the need for such secrecy as is reasonably justifiable in a democratic society in respect of certain matters.

L-R John Simoi, Wences Magun, 
and Karkar District Youth 
Coordinator Kubai Kadim

Accordingly, the youths kindly seek access to the following documents:
1.    The Environmental Permit (WD-L3-234) granted to Nautilus Minerals Inc (Nautilus) (or related entity) on or around 29 December 2009, including the particulars of all imposed conditions;
2.    Any amended Environmental Permits granted to Nautilus (or related entity) and related conditions;
3.    The Inception Report for the Project prepared by Nautilus and submitted to the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) on or about May 2007;
4.    The final Environmental Management Plan for the Project or most current draft if not finalised, and any amendments to that document;
5.    The independent review of the oceanographic aspects of the EIS conducted for DEC by Cardno Lawson Treloar Pty Ltd in 2009;
Some members of Bagabag circuit posing in front of the 5 star
conference center
6.    All oceanographic data held in relation to the Project, including surface current measurements at and near the Project site; 
7.    Any other DEC commissioned independent reviews of the EIS and their supporting studies;
8.    Any further studies or modelling held by DEC in relation to the EIS, including studies on social, cultural, health and economic impacts of the Project;
9.    Any costs-benefits analyses conducted in relation to the Project, including any analyses of other existing and potential future uses of the Project area;
10.  Any reports regarding other marine development activities (e.g., gas and oil drilling, military use, bridge construction, bottom trawling) in the vicinity of the Project area.
11.  Any further documents that include references to changes to the specifications of the Project;
12.  The Ports Upgrade and Operations Deed between Nautilus and the state owned enterprise PNG Ports Corporation Ltd (PNGPC);
13.  Any existing Port Service Agreement between Nautilus and PNGPC;
14.  Any permits held by Nautilus under the Dumping of Wastes at Sea Act 1979 relating to the Project;
15.  Any approved or draft Ballast Water Management Plans relating to the Project;
16.  Any approved or draft management plans or other documents for the Project which detail emergency management procedures or risk management processes; and
17.  Full copies of all studies, reports etc. referred to in the EIS for the Project.
Karei beach, at Kuluk Village, where Mel
Togolo, from Nautilus landed and was told
by Bagabag Islanders NOT to do
seabed mining near Bagabag Island.

We would be very grateful if you could provide the above documents within eight week of the date of this letter. If we do not receive a response from you by this time, we will consider commencing legal proceedings under section 57 of the Constitution to compel production of these documents under court order.
Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss this request for information on ph:73445130


Kubai Kadim
ELC-PNG’s Karkar District Youth Coordinator, Madang, Papua New Guinea

Cc: Nautilus
Cc: Prime Minister
Cc: Mining Minister
Cc: CEPA Minister
Cc: Minister for National Fisheries Authority
Cc: Minister for Culture and Tourism
Cc: Minister for National Planning
Cc: Madang Governor
Cc: Sumkar MP
Cc: Maror Kagin Tapani
Cc: Alliance of Solwara 1 Warriors
Cc: Hon. Gary Juffa
Cc: NGO partners
Cc: Churches