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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Leatherback Turtle Data Needed

This Leatherback turtle in Mirap, Madang escaped death, thanks to the
beach rangers from Mirap who saved it.  This eminated from TIRN and
MAKATA's STRP's efforts in empowering local communities
to protect and restore their populations. Photo: Wenceslaus Magun

Please help us carry out a turtle survey.

Turtle Survey - September 2016
Start Date:_______________________
End Date:__________________________
Name: _____________________________________
Contact Details: Ph (Digicel/Bmobile):________________Email:______________________
Aim: Get a snapshot of whether there is an increase in the killing of leatherback turtles in order to assess their conditions and take appropriate steps to address them.
1.        Raise awareness about the endangered status of sea turtles;
2.       Document whether leatherback are being killed;
3.       Document other species that are being sold commercially rather then taken for subsistence purposes.
4.       What type of enforcement activity is occurring?
1.       Where is the turtle being sold?
2.       How much is for subsistence versus commercial consumption?
3.       What species?
4.       Who is catching the sea turtles and where?
5.       How important is sea turtles as part of subsistence diet?

Please email the completed form with all the information to Wences Magun on: and to confirm text or call me on Digicel:71959665

Blog: Facebook: Save PNGs Endangered Turtles 

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