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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Stop Oceans Crime, Say NO to sea bed mining

STOP Ocean crime! We call on our government to STOP sea bed mining in the Bismarck Solomon Seas. The costs of destroying our marine environment hence affecting our lives out weights the monitory benefits that may come from Nautilus' sea bed mining.

We can't be fooled anymore.

Why exploit the resources that should be reserved for future generations to use.

Are we so desperate to survive??

Think of the future of our beautiful nation. How can we be so stupid to allow such mining ventures to operate on our land??

If it's true that K67 trillian has been taken away from PNG according to Ambassador Donigi who is now consultant to Warner Shand lawyer on page 24 of the Post-Courier, Friday March 23, 2012 then what more evidence do we need to argue about this blatant day light moral and social injustice.

PNG wake up!

See Below Ambassador Donigi's article:

K67 trillion taken


THE LAWYER behind the Boka Kondra Bill Ambassador Peter Donigi says foreign resource exploiters cannot continue to reap off from PNG as they have taken out more than K67 tillion since the commencement of three largest mines up until 2010.
Ambassador Donigi refuting to paid advertisement taken out by the PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum yesterday said, “people of this country should not be fooled by them. They have taken out of PNG more than K67 trillion from three mines – OK Tedi, Lihir and Progera.
You include oil and now gas and other mines, forestry and fishing and what has been pillaged from our shores and lands are more than K100 trillion since Independence. It is now or never. It is now or we will remain resource rich but poor. The Kondra Bills must be passed,” Ambassador Donigi told the Post Courier when asked to comment on the advertorial as the author of the Bill.
Ambassador Donigi high lighted that the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Ministers in May 2011 adopted a code for multinational corporations which required the project developers other obligations to implement international law in the countries of their operations and to use their financial powers and capacity to influence change in their countries of operations to respect human rights which they say specifically includes the 2007 United Nation (UN) Declaration on the rights of indigineous peoples.
Australia, New Zealand, Canada and United States are members of the OECD group of countries.
He said Article 26 of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, is the international law which was adopted overwhelmingly by members of the UN in 2007.
The only countries that voted against this law are Australia, New Zealand, Canada and United States.
“The fact that PNG was recorded in the Minutes of the general Assembly as being absent does not make it any less of an international law.
The above means that it is no business of the PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum to interfere with the domestic affairs of this nation to do things or support any platform that would be contrary to the above laws both domestic and international.
The Chamber does not elect members of parliament. It has no voting rights in this country. It does not answer to the people of this nation. Landowners elect members of Parliament. Parliamentarians are answerable to the people of this nation and not to the Chamber.
What the Chamber has published have no bearing on protection of human or property rights of the people of this country. They are purveyors of fear and have no legal basis for their call not to change the law. They are driven by greed,” Ambassador Donigi who is now consultant to Warner Shand Lawyer reiterated.
He said the Bills are about recognising and restoring the human rights of Papua New Guineans which include property rights as outlined in the following legal documents: Section 53(5) (a) (c) and (d) fo the Constitution; Section 39(3) (c) of the Constitution which requires PNG’s Courts to take into account the UN Declarations in its deliberations on issues of human and property rights.
“What the Chamber has published have no bearing on protection of human or property rights of the people of this country. They are purveyors of fear and have no legal basis for their call not to change the law. They are driven by greed” the constitutional law expert added.
The Chamber of Mines yesterday said if the Bill which was presented in the Parliament for consideration for this session if passed would greatly impact future investment in PNG and disrupt the economy.
“The Chamber strongly urges our Parliamentarians not to support these Bills,”Dr Ila Temu, the Chamber president said.
The Kondra Bill contains the Oil and Gas (Amendment) Bill 2012 and Mining (Amendment) Bill 2012 which intends to transfer mineral and petroleum rights from the State to the resources owners.
Page 24 Post-Courier, Friday, March 23, 2012


  1. Your cause is so just, greed is destroying everything. Turtles near our island are becoming less too. However what is happening were you is a crime against humanity. I wish you the best and thank you for having the motivation to speak out.

  2. News are always lying, hiding the rape and plunder of the Ocean Bed, the Mother of Life to this planet, from the Public. However, ONE MIGHTY NATURE, with Whom the Law of NATURE is Eternal and ever with Us, will ensure that those human pigs who commit these CRIMES, will be brought to account.

    There are also entire civilisations of Undersea (and Abovesea) Intelligences who will deal with a deviate Humanism in ways most appropriate...

    Cyclones, Hurricanes, Large Waves, Tsunami, Kamikaze Wind, increased numbers of shark attacks, strange unexplainable phenomena to counter and defeat the all-too-human inconsideration and all-too-human attacks on the Ocean, the Mother of Life on Earth...