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Monday, September 23, 2013

PNG's Department of Environment and Conservation not supporting Karkum Leatherback turtle project

PAPUA NEW GUINEA MARINE PROGRAM ON CORAL REEFS, FISHERIES AND FOOD SECURITY, National Plan of Actions 2010-2013 coral triangle initiative's Goal # 5: Threatened Species Status Improving reads: "Threatened Species in PNG waters include all marine turtle species, dugong and whales and dolphins. Marine habitats such as seagrass and mangroves are also being threatened. Under this Goal, programs and activities are being developed to address the threatened status of these species. DEC, the University of PNG, and partner NGOs such as WWF, TNC and CI have ongoing programs that are addressing the threatened species. Through activities listed below, the efforts of each institution will be coordinated to achieve overall Goal whereby status of this threatened species are improved and outputs measured. Recently, Community Based Organisations have become involved in protection of nesting turtles such as the Kamiali Leatherback turtle project and the Karkum Leatherback turtle Project. DEC is supporting such projects." Then it splashed a photo of the Karkum Conservation Area bill board on the page and says, "Photo Courtesy of Makata Inc." Our concern is that since the establishment of our project in Karkum and the neighboring villages in Madang, we have NOT received any form of support nor even a Support Letter which we requested for from DEC! This is a mockery at its best and we do not want DEC to use our efforts to promote its cause!

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