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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Do we need to mine our seafloors?

Stop seabed mining in PNG 
Flash Back: Four new mines in 10 years. A story that was published on Monday, November 18, 2013, The National, page 53. It says ..."Four large mining operations are soon to come on stream in the next 10 years...Mt Kare (17 km west of Pogera gold mine, Yandera in Madang, Frieda project at the border of East and West Sepik, and Walfi Golpu project in Morobe." So why are we so desperate to go into seafloor experimental mining? Are we a desperate nation? Are we existing solely on money? Common PNG, enough of making unwise and stupid decisions. 2014 should be the year of implementation as the PM said and we need to ensure that hasty and selfish decisions in this country must not be entertained. Everything you heard from Nautilus Minerals Ltd and supported by Mineral Resources Authority and lined agencies is based on assumptions because there is no seabed mining in the world. Turn your other ears and listen to Prof. Richard Steiner, Dr. Helen Rosenbaum, Prof Chalapan Kaluwin, and many other top marine scientists. If they have not opposed seabed mining in PNG then we would not worry. But they have cautioned us not to rush the process but to ensure that all environmental impact studies, Nautilus's Environmental Management Plan (WHICH NO ONE HAS SEEN), and other independent studies and assessments must be carried out first to ensure that all is safe, healthy and friendly before we venture into the abyss to mine the seafloors. Little is known about that environment and there is much more to learn about it. PNGeans we are not so desperate to take this step. Not at all!! At Christmas the three wise men from the East came to visit Jesus. It is about time we start listening to our wise men and women in this age and time. Haste brings waste!! There's NO tangible benefit in Misima. Look at Bougainville! We have not stopped dumping wastes into Ok Tedi. So don't be carried away by false promises from mining companies. There's enough propaganda by mining companies in EMTV. Companies in PNG enjoy more tax incentives or exemptions compared to companies operating in other parts of the world due to our leaders making stupid, unwise and selfish decisions. Now is the time to put an end to this approach of doing things. You and I must make some bold decisions if we truly want to see some positive change in our beautiful country.

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