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Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Sarang villagers participating in the Turtle Training in 2013
Our elected members and Local-level Governments must support respective provincial administrations to fund LLG's establish environmental and conservation laws. This is one alternative step we propose is needed to be done if we are to achieve 17% land and water and 10% marine protected areas by 2020.

Leatherback Turtle is a marine species flagship. It promotes PNG globally. It is one of many tourists products that we need to embrace and support local communities whose beaches this gentle giant comes to nests.

Let me highlight some of the Risks we have identified in our organisation to give you an idea of how we hope to manage these risks.

Impact Likelihood: Low, Medium, High and Consequences on the Project
Management Strategy
Lack of long-term funding
Without long-term funding, MAKATA could not sustain its programs in Madang, nor can it establish its office in Madang and relocate from Port Moresby where the project is currently operating from Mr. Magun’s house.
Develop Financial Management Strategy;
Continue to write proposals and submit for funding support.
Madang Province Three Years (2016-2018) Conservation Plan will not support this plan
This proposal is written following the inclusion of MAKATA in the Three Years Conservation Plan for the Madang Provincial Government
The Board and Management are optimistic that this proposal will be approved paving the way for MAKATA to establish a permanent  base in Madang to sustain its activities
MAKATA’s  Management
Aid donors will not fund this plan
MAKATA has received aid from potential donors.  In the likelihood of lack of funding, MAKATA will scale down its operations.
Components will be put together as standalone project proposals and marketed professionally to various aid donors
MAKATA’s Management
Infrastructure not readily available for MAKATA’s office, resource centre, and staff accommodation
In order to sustain this Project in Madang, MAKATA needs an office, resource centre and staff accommodation.  Without these services, MAKATA will continue to operate on adhoc basis.  Activities won’t be implemented adequately, and also can be uncompleted and plans won’t materialise.
Seeking funding from Madang Provincial Government to help build the infrastructure
MAKATA’s Board and Management
Land for infrastructure development won’t be cleared and made available for MAKATA’s office, resource centre, and staff accommodation
Highly unlikely, as the land for which MAKATA’s resource centre, office, staff houses will be built will be on unalienated land.
MAKATA’s office, resource centre and staff accommodation will be built at Dibor on unalienated land.
Erection of kit buildings will encounter labour difficulty
The Board of Governors will have to pay tradesmen carpenters, plumbers, electricians, casual laborers and etc to erect the building
MAKATA Board and Management
Need for a Project vehicle and project boat.   MAKATA will continue to hire cars and boats if it does not have its own.
A recent car accident, resulting from lack of rest by Mr Magun from his field trip to Mur, in Rai Coast has raised an alarm bell for the Board and management to buy a Project vehicle and Project boat and hire a full time driver/skipper so that staff concentrate on their specific roles and deliver effective services without having to put their lives at risks or damage other peoples car or boats.
The Board of Governors will have to secure funding to buy a Project Vehicle and Boat to be used for project activities
Board and Management
No full time funding means no full time staff to carry out projects activities
We need full time staff to sustain this program.
The Board and Management will have to secure long-term funding to hire full time staff
Board and management
Security of Infrastructure Services
Properties could be vandalized, stolen or staff members lives and properties could be at risks
The Board and Management will have to fence the property and hire full time security guard
Board and management
Community Support of the Plan
The likelihood of interruption of the project as a result of the lack of community support is slim as the property will be built on unalienated land.
The management has discussed this issue with the principal landowners who had sold their customary land to late Mr. Adelbert Magun have pledged their full support for the project to be established.

MAKATA’s Board and management

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