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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Who said there's NO life at the bottom of the sea?

Who said there's NO life at the bottom of the sea?

According to Dr Cornel de Ronde, Geologist/Geochemist: "You can see the wackiest animals 2km at sea depth!" Life exists there

Dr de Ronde added that there's a whole food chain hovering around vents. These microbes sustain their energy from chemical reactions.

Dr de Ronde said these microbes are chemoautotroph's, 'they don't derive energy from photosynthesis.'

He said, virtually all ocean life begins with phytoplankton which needs sunlight and iron to start the food chain on which all sea creatures depend.

Where does the phytoplankton get its iron to grow? Scientists in the Pacific don't know.

If true, can we PAUSE seabed mining and answer this question?

Miners like Nautilus are after precious metals - zinc, copper, gold from these towering chimneys of underwater volcanoes.

To avoid strict guidelines under International Seabed Authority to mine in international waters PNG was chosen! U save pinis

PNG does NOT have an independent monitoring body to monitor and assess mining activities at 2km sea floor depth!

In addition, according to 'Undersea Vents in the Pacific' report, one mining company has bought up leases of 300,000km square of Pacific seabed!

The reason to mine sea floors is when the riches of the land run out.

Is this the case for PNG?


United we can stop this!

Where there is a will there is a way!

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